Since Energy Medicine Clinic was founded, we have helped hundreds of people find lasting relief from their back pain, neck pain, sciatica, allergies and stress related conditions, naturally.

Energy Medicine Clinic is dedicated to promote health and relieve people from pain.

If your motivation is to become healthier then we can help you achieve this goal on several levels of your being (physical, mental and spiritual).

If you wish to obtain long lasting relief, we will help you identify the cause of your pain and consider it in all its aspects.

If you are still wondering why the problem will not go away despite having tried previous therapies, here is why:

The challenge with back pain and, more generally, health issues is that it involves a combination of factors. Therefore, we always consider our client’s particular condition from a holistic angle having developed techniques that allows us to have a general view.

Back Pain Relief

Back Pain ReliefIf you are looking for back pain relief, we are one of the very few UK Manual Therapists to offer LONG TERM back pain relief and we are dedicated to help you become free from pain.

Our technique developed for more than 5 years offers a safe alternative to surgery and heavy medication when it comes to address back pain. And you can get your life back.

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Allergies Relief

Allergies ReliefSuffering from allergies can leave you depleted and take over your life. You cannot enjoy a normal social life and are constantly aware of what you are doing, eating, which adds on the stress created by the allergy in the first place.

Scientific research has also demonstrated that many disorders (e.g., headaches, back and joint pains, addiction, PMS, indigestion, cough, body aches, etc.) are caused by undiagnosed allergies. We can help you identify if any particular condition is allergy based and address the problem naturally for safer and longer term solution.

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Stress Relief

Stress ReliefYou may be constantly experiencing some forms of stress. Do you realize that your stress effectively impact your health and overall energy?

Your physiology really is a feedback mechanism of your emotions and overall belief system. Using health kinesiology, we help you understand the cause of your stress and efficiently address it. Managing your stress will help you achieve noticeable changes in various areas of your life.

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