About Energy Medicine Clinic

Since Energy Medicine Clinic was founded, we have helped hundreds of people find lasting relief from their sciatic pain, neck and shoulder pain, lower left back pain and stress related conditions, naturally.

Energy Medicine Clinic is dedicated to help people overcome their sciatica pain, neck and shoulder pain and other back problems and find relief.

In our experience we have found that for long lasting relief, it is essential to address the cause of a problem instead of focusing on the symptoms. We strongly believe that optimum health is more about prevention than cure.

Who are we?

Aude Seynt Martin

Aude Le BarazerAude is an ex corporate Lawyer whose most important values are health, self development and independence. Aude gave up her former career to dedicate to health.

Aude is also the founder and CEO of Online Health MAG.

Aude’s real awareness about health started when she organised an expedition riding Patagonia (Argentina) for several months which qualified her for the “Long Rider’s Guild” association. After her experience, Aude changed her philosophy on health and life in general. Having solved, through stress management and nutrition, her long standing health issue, no medical doctor had been able to address,  Aude realised that “Dis-eases” are signs of deeper imbalances and internal conflicts generating stress.

Aude is sharing her experience and knowledge to help her clients overcome sciatica pain and back problems to experience well-being by achieving balance on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Aude is a NAET Practitioner, trained in allergy related conditions,  Kinesiologist, KF associates, trained in nutrition and traditional medicine. She is also a Manual Therapist, trained in Switzerland and England and focus on spine realignment and back and sciatica relief.

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