Back Ache: Loosen Up These Deep Muscles

Back PainBack ache and lower back pain concerns a greater number of people from all ages and background. Very often, back ache arises from a lack of spinal stability and weakness of the core muscles. Some of these muscles have simply de-activated and stopped doing their job. Why? Our world of technology has changed us from fierce cave hunters to seated beings. Growing scientific evidences show that back ache may originate from a lack of spinal stability. The good news is that we can change and reverse back ache by working the deep core muscles that helps stabilize our spine, our back. This third article devoted to deep muscles imbalances and back ache causes will concentrate on the PSOAS muscles. Continue reading

Back Pain Causes: Deep Muscles Imbalances

Back Pain Causes: Deep Muscles ImbalancesIn our last blog related to Back Pain Causes and deep muscles imbalances, we started with the multifidus as one of the back pain causes. In this second part devoted to deep muscles imbalances and Back Pain Causes, we would like to raise our back pain sufferers’ attention to another deep muscle, sometimes called the joker of lower back pain, as it is frequently overlooked as a source of lower back pain: The Quadratus Lomborum (QL). The Iliopsoas (hip) dysfunctions, rather than the QL, is seen as back pain causes and therefore people may be often given the wrong treatment. Continue reading

Slipped Disc How To Prevent And Treat It

Slipped-disc-2A slipped disc is a condition in which the outer part of the doughnut shaped disc between the vertebrae weakens and the inner part (a substance gel like) protrudes outward something like a balloon squeezed from one side. Typically people won’t feel anything until the disc touches a nerve. This condition is medically referred to as herniated disc or prolapsed disc. Continue reading