About Dominic Bursnell

Dominic is the in-house blogger for the new Rehab Today Blog. The rehab today is the home of The Perry Clayman Project, which is a 12-step abstinence-based drug and alcohol rehab program registered with the CQC and a listed contributor to the NDTMS in the UK.

Know the Patterns of Addiction and Avoid Compromising Health and Life

addictionIt is a known fact that alcohol and drug addiction have negative impacts on the family’s normal relationship. It can be extremely upsetting knowing that a loved one is caught in a web of addiction. The user tends to be full of conflict and feelings of being torn between wanting to quit and not wanting to leave the exciting sensations from abusing substances. The family experiences an overwhelming sense of guilt for their failure to determine the patterns of addiction. They take up the responsibility and try to fix the situation by covering up the mess instead of seeking expert help. Continue reading