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Back Pain Causes: Deep Muscles Imbalances

Back Pain Causes: Deep Muscles ImbalancesIn our last blog related to Back Pain Causes and deep muscles imbalances, we started with the multifidus as one of the back pain causes. In this second part devoted to deep muscles imbalances and Back Pain Causes, we would like to raise our back pain sufferers’ attention to another deep muscle, sometimes called the joker of lower back pain, as it is frequently overlooked as a source of lower back pain: The Quadratus Lomborum (QL). The Iliopsoas (hip) dysfunctions, rather than the QL, is seen as back pain causes and therefore people may be often given the wrong treatment.

quadratus-lumborum-300x226Stretching from the hip (posterior ilium) to the transverse processes of the lumbar vertebrae to the 12Th rib, this muscle is simply an abdominal muscle located on the posterior surface of the thorax. The QL has a stabilizing role for your lumbar spine in the upright position and as such is considered as one of the core muscles.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, your QL could be one of the back pain causes:

  • Acute back pain even at rest and excruciating while in an upright unsupported position
  • Spine feels “locked up”
  • One-sided pain
  • Pain may radiate towards the pelvic, gluteal and groin region
  • Rolling to either side while lying is painful
  • Pain causes loss of energy and depression.

The QL being into spasm is one of the lower back pain causes. The QL may get into spasm for the following reasons:

  • Too much sitting position throughout the day (behind a desk or in the car)
  • Muscles weakness, again due to our lifestyle and lack of exercise,
  • Weakness of buttock and hamstring muscles.

Also a certain number of external factors may affect the QL as one of the back pain causes:

  • Car accidents
  • One leg shorter than the other
  • Gardening
  • Putting on pants while standing
  • Running or walking on slanted surfaces
  • Awkward lifting of heavy objects
  • Stooping while twisted to reach an object on the floor
  • Chilling during sleep.

Typically, individuals having a weak QL present an inward arch in the lower spine and have a tendency to have a potbelly.

Solutions when the QL is likely to be one of your back pain causes

  • How to identify QL weakness as a possible lower back pain causes:
  • How to strengthen the QL.

In this video, you will be shown exercises originally devised by Professor Stuart Mc Gill, expert in spine bio-mechanic at the University of Waterloo (Canada). Professor Mc Gill has conducted numerous studies on world class athletes of all disciplines. At Energy Medicine Clinic, we apply Professor Mc Gill principles and we could not recommend more his work.

Adopting the right exercise routine will help you address your back pain causes and further strengthen your back and spine which will prevent further damages.

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