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Back Pain ReliefBack problems solution:

Back problems relief Today, Energy Medicine Clinic has successfully helped hundreds of people who suffered from back pain regain their health & happiness. Our clients come mainly from London, other parts of UK and even from other parts of the world. We’ve healed customers aged 2 to the elderly, and most of our clients are adults aged 25 to 55.

If you’re suffering from pain in lower back, sciatic pain, neck and shoulder pain and you’re looking for the fastest, most effective way to eliminate the pain and discomfort for good, then this will be the most important message you’ll ever read.

Here’s why:

As you probably know, back problems are a common issue that affects most people at some point in their life. It could be experienced as tension, stiffness or an aching in your back.

The pain can be triggered by many things: Bad posture (while sitting, standing or lying down), bending awkwardly, sports, and even carrying a child.

In fact, if your back is giving you sharp or dull pains, it is probably caused by one of the following:

  • Herniated disc
  • Scoliosis
  • Sciatica
  • pain in lower back
  • Lower left back pain
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Postural imbalances
  • Post-injury – neck and spine, including whiplash
  • Post surgery – neck and spine
  • Hip and pelvic problems
  • Post natal spinal trauma.

Imagine having to live with these back problems for the rest of your life. The amount of suffering one may experience throughout his or her lifetime will be tremendous. And delaying treatment usually worsens the problem over time.

Fortunately, most back problems sufferers are aware that there ARE solutions, and choose to do something about it.

That’s where Energy Medicine Clinic comes in.

Our friendly clinic specializes in addressing back problems quickly, safely and naturally.

If you want a solution to your neck and shoulder pain, pain in lower back, sciatic pain as early as possible, we invite you to contact us today.

Our clients have experienced our back problem relief treatment and liked it. As they got relief from their back issue, so can you.

If You Would Like Back Problem Relief, We Can Help You Feel Better Immediately, So You Can Get Your Life Back. Drop What You Are Doing.

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Why Choose Energy Medicine Clinic For
Your Back Problems Relief

Over the years, we have perfected a unique, non invasive and pain-free back problem relief treatment. By implementing a manual therapy which provides effective and long lasting relief from back and neck pain and related symptoms, you’ll feel an immediate sense of relief, like a knot finally being untied.

And unlike many other forms of back treatment and physiotherapy, you’ll not be required to attend sessions month after month.

The reason is simple…

Our scientific back pain relief treatment has been proven so effective in healing our clients that you only need to attend three sessions (at most four) to experience the best results for your own body and mind.

Your First Session – Realigning the Atlas

In the first session, you’ll benefit from a long term realignment of your top vertebra, the Atlas. Why is realigning the Atlas so important to back pain relief? Because it helps to eliminate migraine, whiplash, neck pain, back pain and many other related problems that you may be experiencing.

Our manual therapy focuses on re-aligning the Atlas by gently moving, stretching and massaging the muscles and soft tissues which surrounds and protects the Atlas.

This activates the self-healing power of your body as you start to feel a tremendous sense of immediate relief when the Atlas gently and effortlessly comes back into position within the atlanto-occipital joint.

Our technique is based on the Atlasprofilax method and this back pain relief treatment only needs to be applied once in most cases.

Your Second Session – Soft Spinal Care

In your second session, you will benefit from a realignment of all spinal vertebrae and adjustment of skeletal structure.

Our soft spinal care treatment aims at correcting structural imbalances in the body, focusing on the realignment of joints and vertebrae using gentle and safe techniques. It is based on the Dorn method.

To correct joints which are being held by the inertia of our muscles and their imbalances, corrections are undertaken using dynamic movements, employing the use of muscle distraction which is a key element to the success of Dorn Method.

Our soft spinal care is:

  • A gentle, manual non-manipulative back relief treatment, which is very safe and involves no ‘clicking’ or ‘crunching’.
  • Helps alleviate back problems and other common health problems caused by a wrongly placed vertebrae or differing leg lengths.
  • A holistic treatment which benefits other areas of your body as a consequence of working on the meridian and nerve system of the body.
  • Free of unpleasant side effects and an innocuous treatment. No medication is required.
  • A completely safe treatment without a single report of client injury in history.


Please note: A third session may be needed for complete and long lasting back pain relief treatment. This can be performed shortly after the second one when all the realignment work triggered by the Atlas repositioning is strengthened.

More about muscle balance

An efficient and long lasting back pain relief treatment needs to include work on the muscles.

Your muscles have been compensating for the spinal imbalance, creating compensatory mechanisms. In other words, because you are using certain muscles more than others, your “strong” muscles eventually start tugging on your “weak” muscles and end up pulling unevenly on your joints, ligaments and tissues. Having your spine re-aligned effects a deep change that calls for a “muscle re-organisation”. Realigning the spine is only a partial aspect of your back pain relief.

For a thorough back pain relief treatment, we demonstrate specific movements to perform in a fourth session. You bring home the movements we have tailored to your needs so you find it quick & easy to maintain the wellness process started in our clinic. This ensures lasting relief without needing to sign up for countless expensive sessions.

Hear what our clients are saying about our back pain relief treatment

“Nothing I have experienced nor performed has given the benefits and results that this onetime back pain relief treatment has. The experience to date with the AtlasPROfilax® treatment is that my atlas has maintained proper alignment and function. I have felt GREAT! The chronic pain at the base of my skull is gone. I am more balanced and empowered in my life…”

Robert PopeRobert Pope– Dr.Robert Pope,
Chiropractic Physician.


“When I left her practice, I could already feel that my posture was different, I was walking straighter, I felt more balanced and had a spring in my steps. its now over 5 months that I had it done, and have noticed that I have more energy, sleep better, and haven’t had a single headache during that time. There are no other explanation for these improvements that I can think of other than the successful manipulation of my Atlas Vertebrae. I was so impressed with the results, that I have recommended Aude to many of my friends.”

Wilfrid KoulitchenkoWilfrid Koulitchenko– Wilfrid


“I am sending a big thank you for the AtlasProfilax treatment you gave me. You were very knowledgeable, competent, professional and proficient in your work as well as respectful and caring of me and my body. Thank you.Previously I walked down our rather steep stairs hanging on to the banister and in a one-legged way i.e. step down a step – bring the other leg down to that step and so on. Now I can walk down normally and not needing to hold on to the banister.”

Pamela HamptonPamela Hampton– Pamela Hampton,


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