Why is the positioning of the Atlas so detrimental for back health.

Both traditional and conventional medicines, have observed that chronic back and neck pains are almost always related to a misalignment of the atlas vertebra.

The pivotal point of your whole skeletal structure is the Atlas vertebrae (C1), which seats at the top of your spine. It commands the whole musculo-skeletal structure and therefore influences the balance of the entire body. The position of the Atlas can also potentially affect your cranial nerves, blood vessels and lymphatic system in its vicinity.

Atlas vertebra is strategic to your entire skeletal balance and proper functioning of your central nervous system.






In the case of a misaligned Atlas, the convex bony formation (occipital condyles) on each side of the hole at the base of the skull (foramen magnum) are out of the Atlas bone superior facets in such a way that the left Atlas traverse has skipped forward to the left and restrict the diameter of the spinal cord opening.

A dislocated Atlas can cause significant, adverse effects to a person’s posture and overall well-being.

The body naturally tries to compensate for this imbalance and uneven weight distribution between the two halves of the body, which can result in physical symptoms such as neck or back pain, lumbago, herniated disc, scoliosis, jammed spinal nerves, tilted pelvis, pain in the hip, joints, knee pain, difference in leg length, migraines, headaches and more.

Many different symptoms can arise from Atlas misalignment. They vary from one person to another and depend also on compensatory mechanisms.

Spine misalignment can affect every aspect of health.



Following the AtlasPROfilax® treatment and its gentle and long term realignment of C1, the rest of the spine and the musculo-skeletal system will progressively go through an adjustment process and the body is then able to ‘unwind’ physical and emotional ‘blockages’ and regain its well being.

It is necessary to support the ongoing adjustment process of the skeleton-muscular system to get the best results.

your muscles have been adapting to create compensatory mechanisms for the misaligned spine. They have been compensating for all kinds of imbalances creating a “tug-of-war”.

Atlas misalignment, coupled with the way most of us live and move through our days, creates what you might call “imbalances” in our muscles. In other words, we start to use certain muscles more than others.

Eventually, your “strong” muscles start tugging on your “weak” muscles and pulling unevenly on your joints, ligaments and tissues.

This “tug-of-war” creates small little injuries throughout the affected area. If nothing is done to resolve the imbalance, those small injuries become big injuries that most of us are familiar with like a herniated disk or sciatica.

Having your spine re-aligned effects a deep change that calls for a “muscle re-organisation”.

It is important to work your muscles properly and train them in the good direction. In our clinic, we will be working out exercises you can then repeat in the comfort of your home. For a long lasting relief, we will give you all the tools to protect your spine and free you from pain.

Do not wait any longer to stop the pain and get your life back.

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