Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about our treatment and method. If you do not find the answer to your questions here, do not hesitate to contact us.


Can the back problems and neck and shoulder pain I have been suffering from years really be improved by your method? Can my tensions be diminished?

For thousands of years, traditional medicine, and more recently, chiropractic and osteopathic medicines, have observed that back problems and neck and shoulder pain are almost always related to a movement of the relevant joint and vertebra out of their optimal position. Also, as the spine is part of the central nervous system, any spinal misalignment is bound to affect the normal functioning and regulatory process of the body.

If our back health and well-being are linked to our joint and vertebra positioning, a viable method for effecting permanent back healing and obtain deep improvements is to reset our entire skeletal structure to the correct position.

Realigning the Atlas vertebrae (C1), which seats at the top of the spine, will literally reset the whole spinal chord to its original position. Also when the Atlas position is good all neuro-physiologic reflexes improve.

Our treatment holistically addresses the whole spine, starting by its main connecting point (the Atlas). This will completely and positively affect your posture, flexibility and release years of accumulated tensions. Also normal body functions are naturally improved.

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Why is your method more beneficial?

The success and uniqueness of our treatment mainly consist in first repositioning the Atlas in its correct alignment before addressing other joints and vertebra. Very few therapists and physio therapists do actually address the Atlas vertebrae. This is the main reason why so many techniques provides only temporary relief.

When we get the top of your spine in its correct alignment, only then will we start working on the rest of the spine and skeletal structure and obtain deep and long lasting results within a few sessions.

The AtlasProfilax technique we are using is to date the only technique that provides long-term adjustment of the Atlas vertebrae. Also, it does not involve any bone manipulation and is very safe.

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Why is it all linked to the Atlas Vertebra?

Go on this page to find full answer: Atlas Vertebra

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What can I expect after the first session?

The effects are immediate: you feel better and are relieved from pain. Your neck feels incredibly free and your head rotation angle has increased. Physical and even emotional tensions are eased. Overtime, you will acquire a new and improved postural balance.
You feel a little better and experience a freer head. Some days after or at the second session more improvements are noticeable.

You feel immediate benefits, then after a few days or even the day after, go through a recovery process, which may be characterised by dull muscular pain (like after a heavy gym work out), light pressure pain on the correction points, muscle tension at the corrected areas, detoxification signs like sweating, flue-like symptoms, changes in toilet habits or even an awakening of hidden and unsolved inner issues. This should be counted as positive because it shows that the body is starting to adjust. Subsequent sessions will solve the effects described above. The appearance, length and intensities of discomfort vary from one person to another and cannot be predicted.

For more serious conditions, such as sciatic pain, slipped disc and trapped nerves, to name a few, the outcome of the treatment also depends on you implementing on a regular basis the lower back pain exercises we give you in the comfort of your home. Also some dietary adjustments might be necessary.

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…And after the treatment?

The Atlas adjustment triggers a “rebalancing” process for the whole musculo-skeletal system. During the second and, if relevant, third session we support this process to make sure that you achieve the best results overtime:

  • Progressive relief of back pain and neck and shoulder pain
  • Look and feel younger with an improved posture
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Improved physical performance as body balance is corrected
  • Long term benefits: our work done, repeating the adjustments over a few times, together with your involvement, doing your home exercises and observing a few simple basic rules as to your body position, ensure a deep change in the skeletal balance and your overall well-being with lasting results
  • Save money and time: all subsequent therapies and treatments will be much more beneficial as they will be performed on an adjusted physiology and structure

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Who benefits from your treatment?

Children, teenagers, adults to older people have been adjusted.

Our Treatment can balance leg length differences in children before they even create problems for their hips and ultimately their backs. Children will grow more harmoniously and more balanced.

The correction of children is particularly recommended because of both the ease of execution, resulting from the near-absence of muscular contractions, and the greater capacity for adaptation. In particular the realignment of the Atlas vertebrae according to the AtlasPROfilax® UK shall be seen as a preventive measure and be checked and applied in children, even if they do not yet appear as having any problems.

Regular check-ups in children and teenagers help prevent or improve the negative side effects of heavy schoolbags and bad postures.

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Do I need to get corrected if I do not have any back problems?

According to Chiropractic medicine, the vast majority of people, especially those suffering from neck and shoulder pain, pain in lower back, back problems, are affected by Atlas misalignment. There are many reasons why the Atlas is put out of alignment; most of them are idiopathic (unknown). Virtually everybody is affected by Atlas misalignment at various degrees with various symptoms due to individual compensatory mechanism.

Whenever the Atlas is misaligned, its correction shall be seen as a preventive measure to maintain well being and balance overtime.

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Are there any Contra indications?

The Energy Medicine back technique is non invasive, very safe and does not involve any bone manipulation. Adjustments are only done as the client is moving to release muscle contraction. The treatment is never done over the personal pain limit of the client so injury or even harm is virtually impossible.

We do not recommend the treatment in the following cases:

  • Acute inflammation or fever
  • Paralysis
  • Acute migraine attacks
  • Any recent accidents
  • Post surgery of discs
  • Cancer
  • Acute prolapsed disc(s)
  • Ongoing cortisone medication due to possible brittle bones
  • The method does not replace physician consultation.

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Are any more sessions needed?

Most of the time, we achieve optimum results in only three sessions, sometimes four may be needed. As mentioned, in case of more serious conditions such as slipped disc, sciatica, scoliosis and trapped nerve, the result you can expect will also depend on the involvement of the client performing home exercises.

Then every patient is a live organism who will go on with his life and expose himself to physical and emotional challenges. I always recommend maintenance sessions every 4 to 6 months varying on the individual.

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