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Dark Circles: 10 Natural Ways To Eliminate Them

Dark circlesDark circles around the eyes can just make you appear 10 years older and make a pretty face look sullen and dull. Dark circles can be caused due to lack of sleep or water, or vitamin deficiency. People who have under eye bags try different eye contouring creams, concealer, foundation or eye make up to hide this problem. Obviously those solutions are purely cosmetic and you can’t possibly wear them all the time. The cute guy you just met will eventually realised what is underneath the concealer.

Corrective procedures to get permanently rid of dark circles are an expensive option and not something that everyone can afford. In many cases, these procedures do not even last and needs to be done another time with all the risks associated to surgery. And the risk of not really looking like yourself anymore: dark circle or still look. Hum … not really ….

Try this 10 Natural Remedies for Dark Circles

The best way to deal with this problem is opting for home remedies and getting rid of under eye bags naturally. Here are 10 natural ways to eliminate dark circles under your eye.

1. Potato – Thin potato slices when placed on your eyes can help in reducing dark circles. This is one of the most easiest and inexpensive way to get rid of this problem. You can use potato slices, raw potato paste or potato juice to mask your eyes, let it dry for 15 minutes and then wash off the same with cold water.

2. Cucumber – Cucumber is one of the most effective natural ways of getting rid of dark circles. This vegetable that is found all year round can be applied in the form of slices, paste or juice on your eye lids and the surrounding area. You can wash off the same in 15 to 20 minutes with cold water. Cucumber hydrates the skin around your eyes and even tones your skin.

3. Ice Cubes – The easiest and cheapest way to get rid of dark circles is treating the affected skin with ice packs. To make it more effective you can make ice from chamomile or green tea, as they both have soothing properties. Ice cubes also help in relieving puffiness of the eyes

4. Silver Spoon – As strange as it may sound, silver spoon does help in reducing under eye bags and dark circles. A cold silver spoon (preferably refrigerated for 5 minutes) can be used to softly massage the affected area. You don’t have to be harsh, just a gentle touch would do. The cold helps in soothing and toning your skin while the silver helps getting rid of the dark circles.

5. Tea Bags – This age old technique is a quick way of getting rid of dark circles. Cold tea bags help in revitalizing the dark skin tone and make your skin fresh. Cold compress with tea bags for 10 minutes every alternate day will provide you instant result to treat dark circles.

6. Almond Oil – Regular massage of almond oil on the eyelids and under the eyes will provide long lasting relief from dark circles. A gentle massage with almond oil provides blood circulation and nourishes the skin.

7. Rose Water – Rose water is an excellent coolant that nourishes your skin and provides relief from dark circles. A patch of cotton swab soaked in rose water will help in making your eyes feel refreshed and also fight dark circles in a natural way

8. Bread and Milk – This unusual eye pack can provide a lot of relief in reducing dark circles. Milk is rich in essential fat that moisturizes your skin, making the skin soft and smooth. When mixed with white bread and applied as a paste on your eye lids for about 5 minutes, it can even tone your skin and make it smooth. Regular use will help you get rid of your dark circles for good.

9. Fresh Mint Leaves – Applying freshly crushed mint on your eye lids and massaging them in a circular motion works as a good coolant for tired eyes. Once the mixture dries, you can wash it off with cold water. The mint leaves soothe the skin around the eyes and makes your skin soft and smooth.

10. Get rid of unhealthy habits – Habits like smoking and drinking alcohol are also responsible for dark circles around your eyes. They make your eyes red and puffy so it is best to stay away from them, not just to fight dark circles but also for your overall good health.

All these remedies are easy to follow and all the ingredients are readily available. You won’t be spending a lot of money on these remedies but they will provide you with long term relief for your dark circle problem.

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