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Slipped Disc How To Prevent And Treat It

Slipped-disc-2A slipped disc is a condition in which the outer part of the doughnut shaped disc between the vertebrae weakens and the inner part (a substance gel like) protrudes outward something like a balloon squeezed from one side. Typically people won’t feel anything until the disc touches a nerve. This condition is medically referred to as herniated disc or prolapsed disc.

When the slipped disc touches the nerve it causes extreme pain in the lower back radiating down one or both legs and causing pain at the bottom of the feet. If the slipped disc is higher up, radiating pain can occur in the arms.

The Spine

The spine is made up of 24 bones, which are known as the vertebrae. These bones are stacked onto each other. The gap between these vertebrae is cushioned by cartilage, which is known as disc. The disc is made of a fibrous base, which contains a compound, similar to a gel. These discs provide a cushion for the vertebrae to avoid any friction between them when we move around.

What is a Slipped Disc?

The primary cause of slipped disc is the excessive compression or torsion placed on the spine which is the result of the numerous muscle imbalances throughout the body. In addition two often overlooked yet major factors are dietary imbalances and negative stress and emotions.

Treatments for slipped disc

Short term treatments for slipped disc are first seek for by most people as a quick pain relief. They will usually help lessening the symptoms without really addressing the cause of the slip disc.

Anti inflammatory medication

For most people, pain relief from a slipped disc includes taking anti inflammatory medication such as Advil. These medications were originally designed to be used once in a while but many people are taking them on a daily basis which can leads to health problems such as stomach ulcers and intestinal bleeding and also put lot of stress on the liver and kidneys. One of the most powerful all natural pain relievers for slipped disc is called proteolytic enzyme therapy. These enzymes occurs naturally in the body and tell the body when to shut down the immune system, acting as natural anti-inflammatory. They also help break down stiffening scar tissues improving mobility and flexibility, which over the counter drugs will certainly not do. Look for a blend of enzymes combined with natural extracts that have a demonstrated ability to reduce inflammation without having the harsh effects. Ask advice to your natural healthstore.

Rub on cream

A good rub on cream might also do the trick as far a slipped disc is concerned while you are waiting for the enzymes to have an effect and it can be used daily. A good cream should be made of natural ingredients. It also should do more than just provide heat. The formula should contain powerful anti-oxydants.

For longer term solutions to heal a slipped disc condition, deeper treatments going to the root cause are a better choice.

Muscle Balance therapy

Long term solutions for slipped disc will include muscle balance therapy, which may in particular entail some spinal adjustment as muscles cannot be really working harmoniously if the spinal structure is not fore and foremost balanced. Find more about muscle therapy for slipped disc.

In further articles, we will provide you with a few exercises that will help you balance your muscles and provide you with an efficient and long term solution to your slip disc problem.

To diminish the risk of a slipped disc occurrence use your body symmetrically, use wheeled suitcases,  make your area work posture friendly. Find out more about exercises for slipped disc . For women, limit the use of high heels as it may prepare the ground for a slipped disc.

Engage in activities that uses a whole set of muscle and not the usual one you concentrate on.

Inversion therapy

Inversion therapy can offer quick pain relief solution as well as long term benefit in particular when a slipped disc condition is concerned. It has been used as long as Hippocrates although most doctors do not know about this simple effective technique or simply dismiss it as being too … “simple”. An inversion therapy table actually inverts the body to an upside down position. Gravity pressures the discs causing their water to slowly be squeezed out. Inversion therapy reverses the pressure caused by gravity and stretches the spine out as well as the muscles supporting the spine and the torso, giving room for the discs to refill and move back in their proper position. Inversion therapy is just an extremely simple and efficient answer to a slipped disc issue.

Adopt a healthier more balanced life habits

Drink a lot of water

At night, while you are resting, the cushion between the disc refilled for the day ahead, it is crucial to provide your body with enough water to allow such a process. Also water cleanses the toxins building up in the muscles and tissues.

Alleviate stress and negative emotions

They can make our muscles tight, decrease oxygen supply and release hormones that increase inflammation.

Balance your nutrition

Excess weight ends up putting extra pressure on the discs increasing the risk of slipped disc occurence. Increase your daily intake of fruits and vegetables which will provide you with useful vitamins and phyto-nutrients. Avoid inflammatory food as they may worsen the condition of a slipped disc.

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